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Healthy eating Eat a balanced diet with a variety of foods when you are pregnant or nursing. Food safety A note on exercise and weight gain If your provider says it’s okay to exercise, aim for at least 30 minutes per day (moderate intensity). Avoid sports or activities with a high risk of falling or […]

Infant Feeding Facts

Each of us has unique opinions on infant feeding formed from our own experiences and those of others we know. Knowing the facts will help you make informed choices that are best for your family. Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended … After that, babies should continue to receive human milk along with complimentary foods for 2 […]

Make & Maintain Your Milk

Your first milk (colostrum) is thick and golden. Early milk comes in very small amounts – yet is full of nutrients and proteins that boost your baby’s immune system. Your milk will change over the first 3-5 days into larger amounts of mature milk, which has more water to satisfy your baby’s thirst. When the […]

Hand Expression

Learn Hand Expression Hand expression is a technique to express milk from your breast or chest to feed to your baby or store for later The amount will be just drops in the beginning and increase as you have more milk supply You can also express a drop onto your nipple for your baby to […]


Finding your fit Practice makes perfect! A good latch helps prevent nipple pain and helps your baby remove milk. Be sure you’re comfortable in your position – relax your shoulders and rest your back against the chair or couch. Tips for latching your baby in ANY position Did You Know? Massaging and compressing the breast […]


Getting started: Leaning Back Laying belly-to-belly with your baby is the most natural thing to do immediately after birth. When your baby shows signs of trying to find the nipple, support this search. They will nuzzle up and attach (latch on) to the breast or chest. Nursing while leaning back comfortably goes along with your […]


It’s good for you and your baby to stay in the same room, day and night, for your entire hospital stay, unless a medical need requires separation. Your baby takes comfort when you are close by. Your smell and your voice are calming to your baby. Think about a trusted adult who can stay with […]

Skin-to-Skin Contact

Skin-to-skin contact helps keep your newborn warm and secure. Your baby should be placed skin-to-skin with you right at the time of birth. In fact, some hospitals practice skin-to-skin after C-sections in the operating room. It’s also great for partners to be skin-to-skin with your baby. Benefits of Skin-to-Skin Keeps your baby warm Easier to […]

Common Concerns

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