The First Hours



It’s good for you and your baby to stay in the same room, day and night, for your entire hospital stay, unless a medical need requires separation.

Your baby takes comfort when you are close by. Your smell and your voice are calming to your baby.

Think about a trusted adult who can stay with you in your hospital room at all times to help support you as you learn to care for your newborn.

If you feel unable to safely care for your infant, ask hospital staff for extra help.

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Did You Know?

Having a trusted adult with you during your hospital stay will give you the support you need to care for your baby day and night. Plan ahead and ask that person in advance of your baby’s birth.

Easier to learn your baby’s feeding cues

Easier to feed any time your baby is hungry

Easier to bond and get to know each other

Helps you learn to care for your baby

Encourages milk production

More rest and sleep for you

Less crying for your baby

Baby’s first bath

The bath can be done right in your room! However, it is good to delay it until your baby is used to their new life outside the womb.

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The First Hours/ROOMING IN

Benefits to rooming in (staying in the same room with your baby 24hr/day) in the hospital are…