The First Hours



Finding your fit

Practice makes perfect!

A good latch helps prevent nipple pain and helps your baby remove milk. Be sure you’re comfortable in your position – relax your shoulders and rest your back against the chair or couch.

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Tips for latching your baby in ANY position

  • Support your baby’s neck.
  • Avoid holding the back of your baby’s head.
  • Allow your baby to move as they need.
  • Baby’s ear, shoulder and hips should be in a straight line.
  • When your baby opens wide, help them onto your nipple.
  • Lean back and relax if you are hunched over.
  • Baby’s chin should touch the breast first.
  • Make sure the nipple is deep in your baby’s mouth.
  • Baby’s nose may touch the breast during a deep latch.
Did You Know?

Massaging and compressing the breast or chest while feeding helps the milk to flow and keeps the baby feeding.

Tips for getting off to a great start

  • Start nursing as soon as possible after giving birth.
  • Nurse your baby as often as they show signs of hunger. This should be at least 8 times in 24 hours.
  • Avoid giving pacifiers or bottles until nursing is going well.
  • Ask for support from your nurse or a lactation consultant.
  • Watch your baby – not the clock – to know when to feed.

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The First Hours/LATCHING

A “good latch” is important to…