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My baby wakes up a lot at night.

Night waking is normal and healthy for newborns. Babies don’t know night from day yet. When your baby wakes up at night he or she may be uncomfortable, hungry, or in need of help getting back to sleep. Hold your baby close as you determine what your baby needs. Always follow safe-sleep recommendations and avoid […]

My baby cries a lot.

For babies, crying is a natural and normal way of self-expression. It can mean that something is making the baby uncomfortable or unhappy, such as too much activity or handling, a dirty diaper, or even tummy pains. It can also mean that the baby just needs to be close to you. Babies who are hungry […]

My baby is having trouble with nursing.

Breastfeeding is a learned art that takes a lot of practice and support for many mothers and babies. Usually, it gets much easier and more enjoyable once you both get the hang of it – and each other. Getting support from a friend who breastfeeds, a mothers support group, a peer counselor or a lactation […]

I think my baby is still hungry after I breastfeed.

All babies will have periods of fussiness and crying throughout the day and night. There may be a specific time of day when you notice your baby’s fussiness increasing. This is normal, and may not be due to hunger. Immature digestion can cause some discomfort to many new babies. If your baby is upset right […]

Benefits for your baby

Early milk (colostrum) is the perfect first food for your baby. It should be your milk and nothing else, starting within an hour of birth. It provides antibodies and nutrition for your baby. It’s easy to digest. That means less cramping and less gas and less crying. Babies who are breastfed have a lower risk […]

Baby Cues

Newborn tummies are very small! In the beginning, there may be times when your baby eats a little bit nearly all the time. This is normal. The frequent feeding helps bring in a good milk supply for you. Hunger cues Signs that your baby is ready to eat Fluttering eyes/waking from sleep Nuzzling into the […]

You CAN breastfeed, even if you smoke or take medications.

Many medications are considered safe to use while breastfeeding, but not all. Your healthcare provider can help determine if your medications or habits are safe for breastfeeding. Second hand smoke can increase your baby’s risks for many health problems, and chemicals in cigarettes do pass through breast milk. If you are going to smoke, it […]

Breastfeeding is a skill.

It takes practice and time and support. So be patient with yourself and your baby as you both learn how to make it work. Get support from friends, family, and your healthcare team. Remember to take it day by day. It gets MUCH easier after the first days and weeks!