Back to Work or School

Using a Pump

Arrange use of a pump

  • Talk with your insurance provider and/or your health care provider about your eligibility for a personal electric breast pump.
  • Your hospital, employer, school or local WIC office may have pumps for rent. Manual pumps are also available.

Practice expressing, storing and feeding your milk

  • Begin expressing and bottle-feeding your milk after breastfeeding is well established. Start practicing a few weeks before you plan to return to work.
  • If using a pump, make sure it fits well – it should not cause pain. The plastic attachments come in several sizes.
  • Collect your milk, date it, and store it in the back of the freezer in small amounts (approximately 2 oz. per container).
  • Practice having another caregiver feed your milk at a slow pace so that your baby can show signs of fullness.